From a young age in rainy Britain, I dreamt of warmer days, perhaps in Laurel Canyon where Joni Mitchell and Eric Clapton were sitting on a lawn playing songs for each other in some alternative universe. 


I spent my days day dreaming and in school, to get out of class - I was allowed to join the music group (which unbeknown to my young self, was sort of cult like in its religious beliefs) but I was taught 4 chords on guitar. Those 4 chords changed my life.


I took this new weapon (guitar) home and I strummed these 4 chords over and over. I had no real idea of who these songs were about, this guy they were adoring and devoting their lives too and honestly, it made me feel a little uncomfortable - so I made up my own words. Probably, most likely, about how the dinner ladies had scrimped on the chips today at lunch time. 


And thats how I became a songwriter! ...Fast forward a few years later - I’ve fallen in love with the Beatles & moved to Liverpool where I was fortunate enough to play the world famous Cavern Club. Then I’m driving across America on my own with just my guitar on my back. I played venues in Nashville, Phoenix, San Diego and the renowned “Hotel Cafe’ in Hollywood, LA. 


It was there in Hollywood, that I learnt about Peg Entwistle - the British actress who jumped off the Hollywood sign after having her part cut in a movie. Only to be called later on to be offered a major role. Her story inspired me and I wrote 'Land of Dreams’


After my previous single ‘Heartless’ had such great support, being featured on the Janice Long Show and being made song of the month on BBC Radio - I’m excited to put ‘Land of Dreams’ out into the world - my own interpretation of Hollywood, the glamour, the darkness and the fallen dreams. 


My release date of Land of Dreams is 16th September 2020 - 88 years to the day Miss Entwistle left her body. 


Peg, this one is for you!